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15 + 1 Interesting Plush Designer on Twitter

There are so many awesome people on twitter who talk about their awesome plushies and stuff they’re make. This list is not intended to be all-inclusive (so please add a link to your profile in the comments if you like), but if you’re looking to connect with one or another plushdesigner it should give you a great start.

PlushroomSoup is from a girl named Jessica Puckett who loves to craft. She is very talented, not just in making plushies. But if she makes them, they are very individual and “strange”. On Twitter she talks about her newest monsters!
CurlyQCuties is an awesome place to make your own plushie! If you go to their website you can find a custom monsters section were you can design your own little cutie. On Twitter they talk about their newest custom monsters and news about their shop.
Handmade 3D
Ellen Adult studies cartoons. She animates. But most importantly she makes plush monsters and critters! Her style is unforgettable and so cute that you instantly fall in love with her monsters. She twitters about her work, her monsters and sometimes about her private life.
Maybe you know her – she is the maker of the awesome BuNnY MoNsTeRz! Her Bunnies are scary, like zombies, but also adorable. Aww – I think everyone should have a scary bunny at home! On twitter she talks about her life – and of course the evil bunnies!
Heather Saunders from Ontario, Canada is the owner and creator of Needlings. She uses a high quality eco/vegan-friendly felt made from recycled materials for her cute little plushies. Her style is remarkable. You always know if it’s her because of the stitches. Personally i love all the owls ♥ She also makes puches and pins.
On her twitter you can read about her life, her job at the book store and of course about her cute plushies.
Samaria Project
She makes so cute owls! And a lot of other stuff. She is a crafter, plush maker and photographer from Arizona. On her twitter she talks about her life and her owls plushies and other crafts.
Love and a Sandwich
Chelsea from New Hampshire is maybe the most well-known monster plush crafter in my little world. One word: YETIS! She used to make all her monsters by hand! And she uses awesome fakefur for all of them. On her twitter you can follow her reallife and her newest monsters and yetis and monstroctupus πŸ˜€
Well, the Whisker Bears are the bears with beards. With awesome colerful fakefur beards! Follow them on twitter to see whats up with the beardbears ^^
Happycloud Thunderhead
Daniel Allyn Lee is the maker of these plushies full of magic and adventure. He also loves to make collages and likes cats. Follow him on twitter to be up to date with his thoughts and plushies.
Penguin and fish
Alyssa Thomas makes stuffed animals (look at her etsy page! There is a charlie the unicorn plushie!), illustrations and surface pattern designs. Her twitter contains work and reallife – nice to follow!
Boos and Rawrs
Boos and Rawrs is the name of the shop of Emily E from Michigan. And Boos and Rawrs are, what you can find there. Cut little stuffed monsters – not just scary but adorable. On her twitter she likes to chat with other people – so go and follow her πŸ˜€
Ruby loves Red
Sandra Cassidy’s Bio on twitter says: “Loves fabric, makes toys, eats cakes…” And thats it. Her plushies are soooo adorable! Cute and furry bears with awesome vintage fabric = pure love. Her twitter also contains her reallife and links to her blog (which has a cute design!).
Sleepy King
When I see Savannah Carrols plushies I think of autumn and forest animals. I love her Raccoon! Her style is simple but adorable. Follow her on twitter to read about new cute plushies and her life.
Felt me up Designs
Felt Kings and Queens! It’s all about felt here. Cute little felt birdies, bunnies, penguins and a lot more. Even the tweets are made of felt!
Ikina Creations
Two girls from Germany make really cute and individual plush monsters. They have just begun to enter the great world of plush but if you follow them on twitter you will be able to follow their newest additions to the monster plush world!

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4 Responses

  1. Rebekah Robson

    November 2, 2009

    thanks for the great list!! i love finding other toy makers!

  2. Jessica

    November 2, 2009

    Thanks for including me in this great list! I found some new peeps to follow as well!

  3. Kari Banta

    November 2, 2009

    Eek A Sweek is my plush company. Right now I’m making seahorses and penguins, but more is on the way! I just got started and would love input πŸ™‚

  4. Ellen Ault

    January 15, 2010

    Thanks for including me in this list amongst such talented artists!

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